Renewable Energy Statement

Action Network is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping progressives win campaigns to improve our world. In keeping with out progressive mission, we understand the realities of climate change and we wish to do our part to minimize our negative impact on the planet. We are proud of the work our partners have done using our platform to fight dirty energy and we are ourselves committed to a future of clean, reliable energy. Therefore, it is important that we live our values.

The hosting provider we choose can help us realize this vision, as Greenpeace’s April 2014 report “Clicking Clean: How Companies Are Creating the Green Internet” explains:

“The rapid growth of the cloud and our use of the Internet have produces a collective electricity demand that would currently rank in the top six if compared alongside countries; that electricity demand is expected to increase by 60% or more by 2020 as the online population and our reliance on the Internet steadily increase.”

Action Network publicly commits to a long-term goal of empowering our online operations with 100% renewable energy. We will regularly evaluate our hosting options and the energy source used will be a top criteria in deciding with whom we do business at the time. And similar commitments by hosting providers to power their services with 100% renewable energy will continue to be a top criteria in determining our choices in the future.