Reach your people where they are

Our easy-to-use tools help casual supporters become
engaged activists.

A cartoon illustration of a blue hand holding a phone that is receiving messages.

Plans tailored for every list size and messaging volume

Whether you’re sending to 1 million people a month or 1,000, there’s a cost-effective option for you.

An example product interface displaying mobile messaging analytics including: size of list, new to messages in last week, action taken in last week, and unsubscribed from messages in the last week.

Easy message personalization

Greet supporters by name and add details — like custom shortlinks, custom donation asks, and more — to make messages as relevant and clickable as possible.

An example product interface displaying a sample message with the text "Hi KAT, defend immigration rights in Illinois by donating $10 here: link".

All In One Data

Fully integrated email and mobile data lets you target your mobile messages based on email engagement — and vice versa.

Automated conversations to engage supporters

Design sophisticated automated campaign journeys for mobile messages and emails that kick in when activists subscribe, take action, or text in a keyword.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree. Step 1: has the activist engaged in the last 6 months. If no: step 2: send a message inviting them to join a rally, step 3: wait for 7 days to send.

The tools of choice for the…

Powering you to inspire action


letters sent


event attendees


progressive groups using Action Network

Mobile messaging is easy

If you’ve sent a text to one person, you can send a text to one million people.


Work with us to rent your number


Grow your mobile list with built-in actions


Send mobile messages with the same tool you use to send mass email

How it works

Choose your own text adventure

Depending on your needs, get a toll-free, 10-digit number or a five-digit short code. There are advantages to each!

Mobile Messaging Step 1

Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging Step 1

Gather your data

Who’s opted in to hear from you via their phone number?

Mobile Messaging

Customize your replies

What will a supporter receive if they text HELP or INFO?

Mobile Messaging

Set up actions for supporters to take

Create keywords activists can text your number to add their name to a petition or RSVP to an event.

Mobile Messaging

Get started

Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

A cartoon illustration of 3 people. One person is in a wheelchair working on a laptop, one person is holding a megaphone, and another person is staring into the distance.