The core to building progressive power

Build your organization and engage your community with powerful mass email and easy to use automation tools.

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Plans tailored for every list size and email volume

Whether you’re sending to 1 million people a month or 1,000, there’s a cost-effective option for you.

An example product interface displaying a email analytics including: size of list, new to email in last week, action taken in last week, and unsubscribed from email in the last week.

Easy message personalization

Greet supporters by name and add details — like personalized donation asks, if/then logic, and more — to make messages as relevant and clickable as possible.

Flexible email tools for organizations of every size

Build easy drag-and-drop newsletters or craft sophisticated, fully-branded emails.

An example product interface displaying how to drag and drop text and button blocks into an email template.

Automated conversations to engage supporters

Design sophisticated automated campaign journeys using mobile messages and emails that kick in when activists subscribe, take action, or text in a keyword.

An example product interface displaying a sample decision tree. Step 1: has the activist engaged in the last 6 months. If no: step 2: send a message inviting them to join a rally, step 3: wait for 7 days to send.

The tools of choice for the…

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how it works

Compose your message

Our common-sense editor means no coding is needed, but you can also make it fancy if you’d like.


Choose your audience

Which list would you like to message?


Target as needed

Small-dollar donors, folks who’ve hosted events before—here’s where to specify who should hear from you.


Test to optimize

Use built-in A/B testing to make sure the message you send out to your full group is honed to inspire action.


Get clear, quick reports

See the results of your outreach so you can keep building.


I would not have known how to send an email to thousands of people before getting an email from Action Network saying, ‘Hey, would you like to partner?’

Emi Guereca

Get Started

Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

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