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your campaign

Game-changing fundraising tools don’t have to be complicated to use.

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Easily integrate with ActBlue

Track detailed donation data and activate ActBlue Express Lane donors with our comprehensive integration.

An example product interface displaying a sample Act Blue account holder donating $50.

Get set up in minutes using Stripe

Receive donations using one of the most powerful payment processors.

Collect one-time or recurring donations

Customize donation options, upsell your donors, or let them pick their donation amount.

An example product interface displaying the donation set up. Inludes options for a one-time payment or recurring payment of $5, $1, $15, $20, or another amout.

Empower supporters to donate with one click via email or text

Make donations easy and quick with a simple tap or click.

An example product interface displaying a thank you message with a prompt and button to donate $10.

Accept donations from anywhere in the world.

Process international credit cards without any fuss.

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The tools of choice for the…

Powering you to inspire action


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progressive groups using Action Network

how it works

Set your donation amounts

You can use defaults based on best practices or customize your own.


Recurring along one-time donations

Decide whether you'll accept recurring donations alongside one-time donations. Make it easy for supporters to give monthly if you’d like.


Tell the story of your campaign

Use our common-sense editor to explain your cause and why it’s so important for people to give.


Make it shareable

Customize social media and email tell-a-friend messages so that those who contribute can easily ask others to give, too.


Since moving to Action Network, we’ve broken all kinds of historical DNC records, including our best online fundraising January in a decade and our best online fundraising day of the cycle in February.

Clarke Humphrey

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Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

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